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Hi, my name is Lance Spinnie. I am currently a student in the Masters of  Computer Science program at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. I became interested in science and technology in high school, and pursued Physics and Computer Science undergraduate degrees at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, which I completed in 2011. After graduation I chose to continue my studies and seek a master’s degree in Computer Science, specializing in Modeling and Simulation. My masters degree was completed December 2013.



  • C, C++, Java, Visual Basic
  • OpenGL, OpenGL ES
  • Mathematica, MathCAD, MatLab
  • Discrete Event Simulation, Numerical Simulation
  • Parallel and Distributed Computing (MPI, OpenMP, Java/C Threads)

Interesting Courses Taken

  • CS 525 – Principles of Simulation
  • Math 465 – Numerical Analysis
  • CS 582 – Advanced Computer Graphics
  • CS 590 – Topics in Parallel Programming
  • CS 590 – Distributed Computing

Other Skills

Growing up, I was always taking stuff apart (sometimes to the dismay of my parents) just to see how it worked. Later, I learned how to put most of it back together again. This exploration left me with a widely varied set of skills which I have used to pursue interesting projects for myself and others. I have held many jobs over the years in construction, agriculture, and retail sales. I have installed wired and wireless networking hardware on a small business/light industrial scale. I have worked troubleshooting and fixing everything from Computers and TVs to cars, farm equipment, and firearms.


I enjoy keeping up with current developments in Physics, especially quantum computing research. I am an avid Formula 1 fan, and follow the sport as much as possible. I enjoy researching and solving difficult and unique problems people bring me.

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