Berryman Loop

August 16, 2017 by Uncategorized No Comments

This post is delayed by two weeks because I’m finally done recovering from the Berryman Loop. I arrived at the Berryman campground at 11am on Saturday August 5th. The trail was in great shape and I made good time through the first 6 miles.

At about mile 6, I came to Beacher Spring, which is a great little artisenal well that flows constantly.  Refilling water here, I stoped to chat with some locals on ATVs. After a short break I pressed on. About 2pm it started to rain, and I had to break out rain gear. The rain quit around 3pm, but picked back up around 4pm and continued the rest of the day.

Being cold and wet, I had a choice. I could stop around mile 20 and camp, or press and finish the 26.1 mile trail and go home to a warm shower and soft bed. I chose the latter, and pushed as hard as possible. I finished the trail about 9:15pm, using my headlamp for the last 45 minutes. After returning to My car, I changed into dry clothes, then proceeded to raid my food bag, eating almost everything that didn’t need to be cooked. Overall it was a very long and eventful day/night hike.

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