Berryman Loop

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This post is delayed by two weeks because I’m finally done recovering from the Berryman Loop. I arrived at the Berryman campground at 11am on Saturday August 5th. The trail was in great shape and I made good time through the first 6 miles. At […]

Cedar Creek

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Tonight I’m out on the cedar creek trail in Missouri near Columbia. I started the trail about 11am this morning, and completed about 17 miles before pulling off to the side of the trail to crash. The morning consisted mostly of walking through pastures like […]

Home Again

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Woke up early to another good view.  Broke camp early and headed back. Return trip was pretty uneventful. Most of the last stint was downhill. The only thing that slowed me down was the abundance of spider webs crossing the path every few feet. I […]

A Mountain to Myself 

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Backpacked to the top of Bell Mountain today. I’m making camp in a clearing just east of the peak. The view is pretty good… I only encountered one other hiker on the trail, and he was heading out. I arrived in camp pretty late, taking […]

Trip Log

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I’ve decided to resurrect this site to provide a log of backpacking and other trips I’ll be taking in the coming months. Hopefully I’ll be able to upload some posts from on the trail (data gods willing). First up will be the Belle Mountain loop […]